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ADD and EDIT Client IP Address in Azure SQL DB


In this Article, we will see how to Add, Edit (and Delete) Client IP Addresses in Microsoft Azure Portal step by step for Azure SQL DB.

What is Azure Firewall?

  • Azure Firewall Services are managed cloud-based network security services that protects our Azure Virtual Network resources.
  • It’s a supports high built-in availability and gives unrestricted cloud scalability.
Azure Firewall

To Add and Edit Client IP Address in Azure Portal


If we connect SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) in Azure SQL Db at work from home or outside the access-able range, the below popup would come after entering all credentials correctly. This is for security strengthen purposes and protects our server from unauthorized accesses.


we have to connect with our Microsoft authorized account and password needs to be entered. This step is also for protecting our servers from unauthorized accesses.


If we are already given with Azure Firewall access, then we can Add our Client IP (Internet protocol) Address here itself. Or else, we have to follow the below other steps in Azure Portal.


Go to Google and Type ‘‘ like below.


In the Azure Portal, type and choose SQL databases.


In the below step, Click the DB Name(DB name is hyperlinked here in this page).


In this Page, Server,DB,Subscription,Resource related details would show up. Click the Server Name (hyperlinked) like below.


In this Portal page, Click the Firewalls and Virtual Networks (hyperlinked)


In this Firewalls and Virtual Networks page, We can Add,Edit and Delete Client IP Address.

Like below,

1–> We can give new name in Rule name and have to fill Start IP and End IP. If we have Single IP, then paste them in both Start and End IP Places.

2–> We can Also Edit the Existing Rule Name and Start/End IP’s.

STEP 10-

We can also Delete any Existing Client IP Address (3 dots at the end – Click it, Delete Option Would Come like below).


Thus, we saw How to Add, Edit (and Delete) Client IP Addresses through Azure Portal while connecting to SSMS from outside the access able-range (mainly during work from home).

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