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Date in Our Language using SQL


In this blog post, we will see how we can use Dates in Some of our Local Languages!

Date in Our Language

We can achieve this by using FORMAT Function of SQL Server.


FORMAT ( value, format , culture )

SQL Script

SELECT @Current_DateTime=SYSDATETIMEOFFSET() AT TIME ZONE 'India Standard Time';  -- IST Format
--We can also Use other Time Zones here

FORMAT(@Current_DateTime,'dddd, MMMM  d','en-us') 'English',
FORMAT(@Current_DateTime,'dddd, MMMM  d','ta-in') 'Tamil',
FORMAT(@Current_DateTime,'dddd, MMMM  d','hi-in') 'Hindi',
FORMAT(@Current_DateTime,'dddd, MMMM  d','te-in') 'Telugu',
FORMAT(@Current_DateTime,'dddd, MMMM  d','kn-in') 'Kannada';

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We can also use other Time Zones. On-Premises Supports Less number of Time Zones where as Azure Supports more.

To See Available Time Zones in our DB, Use below Query-

select * from sys.time_zone_info;

We can also use other culture info. Check here to know some of available Culture Info.


Thus we saw how to use Dates in Some of our Local Languages in SQL. All of the above mentioned scripts work in both On-Premises and Azure SQL Database. Unit tested as well.

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